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Essence of India

Essence of India...The Journey of Self Discovery

November 1-15th 2022

Journey to the birthplace of yoga! This is the trip of a lifetime.

During this two week retreat, immerse yourself in "true" yoga, it's traditions, and exploring India.

Daily meditation and asana practice
Attend the 4th Annual Sattva Summit
The Taj Mahal
Ba'hai Temple (Lotus Temple)
Akshardam Ashram
Original Sivinanda Ashram
Maharishi Mahesh/The Beatles Ashram
Kunjapuri Temple
Vasistha's Cave
Arrti at Parmath Niketan
Puja Ceremony (fire purification)

Registration Deadline: October 7th (must be paid in full at this time)

Our pricing includes all in-country travel, accommodations, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, all activities (including the Sattva Summit). Airfare is not included. If assistance is needed to book your round-trip flight to India, let us know−we will gladly assist you!

Journey to India 2021 (Deposit) $846.70 Code: INDIADEP21

Journey to India (Early Bird Double Occupancy) $3,333.00 Code: EBINDIADOU21

Journey to India (Early Bird Single Occupancy) $3,650.40 Code: EBINDIASIN21

Journey to India 2021 (Double Occupancy) $3,650.40 Code: INDIADOU21

Journey to India 2021 (Single Occupancy) $3,967.80 Code: INDIASIN21