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Cosmic Sky
Jyotish ...The Science of the Soul with Tracy Jennings-Hill
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Jyotish, the first sister science to Yoga,  literally translates to "Science of Light" and is also referred to as "the Eye of the Veda", commonly known as Vedic Astrology. 


It helps us understand our individual expression of our True Self, as we move through time and space, the material reality.  Jyotish describes the planetary patterns at the time of our birth and can give us valuable clues to understanding your life’s journey. Through careful analysis of these cosmic influences, Jyotish can help us to realistically evaluate our strengths and challenges in order to optimize our full potential. By forecasting the changing trends and periods of our lives, Jyotish can also enable us to make more evolutionary choices. It offers practical remedial measures to alleviate areas of difficulty, giving us the confidence to manifest our true destiny and create success, happiness, and harmony on all levels. 


Understanding your Soul journey will change your life forever. 

Allow Tracy be your guide into the discovery of your highest potential. 

Jyotish  Foundational Consultation and Reading

1 Session | $222 


 Basic Follow-Up |$108

Periodic follow-up update after initial consultation

Using time of birth, day of birth and place of birth are the guides into your soul.  These three data points scientifically calculate your life journey.  During this initial session, together we will discover milestones of your life, where you have been, where you are now and where you have the potential to go.  Truly focusing on your highest potential as designed by the planetary alignment.

Monthly Soul Seeker Membership Options

Annually | $1400

*** Paid in Full*** 

includes Initial reading & monthly updates

Both membership offerings include the following:

Foundational reading based upon birth time, birth place and birth date Monthly mini sessions which encompass a detailed review of your Mahadasha and Current transits

Access to monthly educational offerings via livestream or zoom

Personalized meditation practice, breath & kriya sets supporting any major shifts in your chart

Complimentary consultation & discounts of Ratna Gemstones from Sattva Jyotish Gems of India

Monthly  | $162

 ***each month***

includes Initial reading & monthly updates

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