Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue
Private Yoga &
Sattva Meditation Initiation

“Your experience is a direct reflection of your consciousness. The reality of this moment can only be the way your consciousness is. Shift your consciousness and your reality will shift with it.” Anand Mehrotra

Private Yoga 

Single Session | $75
One 60 minute private yoga session.
Private Session Pack | $275
4 Pack of 60 minute private sessions.

Sattva Meditation Initiation Online and In Studio

When I started my yoga journey 20 years ago, I had no idea where it would take me.  At the time, my understanding was that yoga was just about moving through poses, not knowing anything else other than I felt better when I would move and breath.  I came to the practice after the sudden death of my husband and life didn’t feel right anymore, I needed to feel whole again.  So, I took my first teacher training in April of 2000, which truly began my journey to self-discovery. 

 In my self-discovery, I started understanding more of what yoga really was and wanted more.  In 2007, an opportunity arose for me to go to India, and for the first time since the death of my husband I began to feel alive again and whole!  The culture, sounds, smells, food, rituals…. All made sense to me and when I met my teacher, Anand Mehrotra, I knew he was my teacher…. I began to learn from him which included the experiences through my travels.  I had always struggled with meditation because I could never quiet my mind, but as I continued to return each year to India, I began to find my place and understanding of the entire practice of yoga.  

More importantly, integration was the key!  Hence the beginning of my meditative journey using the Sattva Meditation Technique which has been passed down generation to generation and is the most transformative and sustaining method.  

Sattva meditation is a kriya and mantra-based technique stemming from the Himalyan Yog-Vendatic tradition, down the Babaji lineage, through Sri Yukteswar, to Maharaji ( Anand Swaroop, my teacher’s teacher ) to my teacher, Anand Mehrotra of Sattva Yoga Academy.

This practice is timeless - its relevance has stood the test of time. In the chaos of our modern world, and with the events of 2020, developing a consistent meditation practice has become even more important.  I am so excited to be offering this profound wisdom to you online and in studio, if you feel charmed. This simple, yet comprehensive, holistic, and effective practice will give you all the tools you need to develop a consistent meditation practice. When practiced with devotion 20 to 30 minutes a day, it can benefit all aspects of your life.

Benefits of a consistent meditation practice are innumerable and include:

* Increase in focus, clear cognition

* Increase in brain power

* Improves decision making skills

* Decrease in anxiety 

* Alleviation of depression

* Reduction of Stress

* Decrease in physical and emotional pain

* Helps manage symptoms of OCD and ADHD

* Increase in energy levels

* Decrease in blood pressure, increase in blood flow

* Renewed appreciation for Life

* More restful night’s sleep/relieves insomnia

* Improves digestion

* Greater sense of purpose 

* Promotes Healing (physical, emotional, spiritual)

* Awaken your Intuition

* Increase in your experience of connection with others

Sattva meditation is meant for you if you are ready to take the next step in your evolution. Whether you’ve been meditating with various techniques for years or you are just starting out, this practice is designed for all sincere seekers. No one with sincere inquiry will be turned away from these teachings. I have created a sliding scale payment option so that you can choose what best suits where you are in life. Please reach out to me if you are feeling the call to deepen your practice, and we will find a way for you to have access to this sacred knowledge.

What’s Included:

  • Deep dive into the science of meditation, states of consciousness, and more in four modules

  • Complete step-by-step initiation into the Sattva meditation technique including your personalized guru mantra

  • Option to use discount for Vedic astrology reading with Tracy

  • 2 follow-up phone calls with Tracy to see how integration of the practice is going and answer any questions

Online Schedule:

You will gain access to 4 modules on November 1st. These modules will need to be completed by the time we meet on Friday.

Meditation Initiations will take place on Zoom on Friday, November 6th, 6-8pm, and Saturday, November  7th, 9a-11a and 1p-3p. You are not required to be available all of Saturday - you will receive a specific time slot for your 1 to 1 initiation with me on Saturday. You must attend these classes live.

We will meet for a final class to answer questions, refine the technique, and practice together on Sunday, November 15th from noon to 330pm.

Live Schedule:


If you choose to study in studio, the following dates are available (group or individual):

Saturday 31 October & 1 November 1-4 pm

Saturday, 7 &  8 November 1-4 pm


These dates and times are flexible, as I do understand, life happens!  


**** Please note pricing is on a sliding scale from $324.00 USD - $1080.00 ****

**** Most importantly, please know that payment options are available****